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Having two very different cams but with same resoulution; I started a simple test. During my vacation doing a lot of pictures very often the X100s seems to be in spite of the half size sensor as brilliant or even better then the Nikon Df ones. For sure it's both : the optical performance of the Fuji 23mm / f 2.0 lense and the great x-trans sensor without low pass filter.
All images have been processed with LR 5.7
Only sharepening has been applied
Fuji : Amount 65, Detail 50, Masking 40
Nikon : Amount 85, Detail 50, Masking 50
Nikon lenses - Af-s DX 35.0 mm / f 1.8;
Af-s 16.0-35.0 mm / F4.0

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